Kathie Freeman


Kathie Freeman
This book is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real cat, either living or dead, is purely coincidental, accidental, and unintentional.
Copyright 1998, 2002
May not be reproduced in whole or in part without express written consent of author. All rights reserved.
Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 ........ The Newlyweds
Tiger, a feisty female tabby cat, is adopted by a young couple and celebrates her first Christmas.

Chapter 2 ........ Trouble In a Blanket
A new baby is born and Tiger loses first her position and then her place in the home.

Chapter 3 ........ The Loft
Abandoned, Tiger must seek out shelter for herself and the fragile new life inside her.

Chapter 4 ........ Tragedy
Adopted by the warehouse workers, is rechristened Tuffy and soon faces a tragic loss.

Chapter 5 ........ Young Love
Tuffy goes on a fishing trip and celebrates her freinds' engagement.

Chapter 6 ........ Lost!
Trapped in a cargo van and carried far from home, once again our heroine is on her own.

Chapter 7 ........ The Poacher
Attempting to cross a stream, she encounters an alligator and is rescued by a Cajun fisherman.

Chapter 8 ........ The Sanctuary
Taken in by the game warden, our heroine spends the night with an unusual menagerie.

Chapter 9 ........ Fellow Travelers
Under way once more, our heroine encounters a grizzled old hobo and his young protege.

Chapter 10 ....... Riding The Rails
Renamed Regina, she gets her first train ride, the trio is joined by a third world-weary traveler.

Chapter 11 ....... A Vagabond's Life
Regina learns the disadvantages of traveling by box car and the goup joins a circus troupe.

Chapter 12 ....... The Circus
Regina rides an elephant and spends a night in the company of some unsavory characters.

Chapter 13 ....... Busted
Impounded by the police, Regina hangs out in the evidence locker with the proprerty clerk.

Chapter 14 ....... The Big Bash
Our heroine attends a birthday party for a fifteen-year-old girl for whom she is the first gift.

Chapter 15 ....... Of Mice And Prairie Dogs
Now called Kiki, our heroine matches wits with the locals and witnesses "death by toddler".

Chapter 16 ....... Desert Dangers
Kiki battles a ratttlesnake and escorts the two-year-old twins on a nighttime excursion.

Chapter 17 ....... On The Road Again
The family has to pack up and move, and Kiki journeys with them across three states.

Chapter 18 ....... Welcome To California
Happy ending alert! Kiki strikes out on her own again and finds her forever home.